When Visiting Our Churches

When Visiting Our Churches.

Dear parishioner & visitor,
On behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council, we are so happy to welcome you to our community celebrations, and for the many times, you come for moments of quiet prayer  .

We know that you will give of  your best in the best interests of all. ‘Remember the safety of others in our hands.’ Thanks. Fr Pat

Please Read This Important Guidance
1. Please practice strict social distancing at all times, on Church Grounds and inside the Church.

2. Please follow the signage regarding entry to, and exit from the Church.

3. Please use hand sanitisers on entering and exiting the Church.

4 To help reduce any potential risk, please refrain from touching any surfaces.

5 Follow the arrows which indicate movement flow within the church.

6. Please cooperate and be understanding when offered guidance on safety issues

7. Keep yourself updated on Gov & HSE guidance relating to the wearing of facemasks.

8. During communal celebrations  please  ensure  you are properly distanced from the folks in front and behind you. 

9. When receiving  communion during  Mass …. please not the following protocol:

Keep your mask on as you approach the Eucharistic Minister…..

Receive   communion in your hand; 

The step to the side, take off your mask, and place the communion in your mouth..