Challenges that lie ahead.

All of us look forward to the reopening of our churches  for masses and other liturgies, but this will not be without its challenges.

We just want parishioners to be aware of some of these obstacles so that together,   any ideas in resolving them, can be shared.

  • with social distancing, the capacity of all our churches is greatly reduced. At  two-meter social distancing,  the capacity of Rathmore and Gneevegulla Churches is 60-80 approx.
  • Shrone and Knocknagree  Churches will present a far more formidable challenge.
  • With limited capacity  how will it be decided who is to attend on a particular day?
  • A large amount of stewarding will be required to assist those attending.
  • it is agreed in our informal chats,  that no steward should be put in the position of having to refuse entry to some.
  • Once  Mass is over and all seats have to be sanitised  … who is going to volunteer to do this  … or will people be paid?
  • What happens at that stage to our streamed  Masses  … ?
  • If  Communion is to be distributed  what system will be used  …..   given the circumstances   Eucharistic  Ministers cannot be rostered as before  ….  each will have to be given the opportunity to volunteer  of they feel comfortable doing so.
  • Since al large number of priests are cocooning    … most Pastoral Areas are working on a skeleton service  …..  When we reopen for Masses  it is only fair that the option is available to all parishes in our Pastoral Area.

These are  some of the  conundrums  that will have  to be resolved….. If you would  like to feed into the conversation  please  send  email your suggestions to








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