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We have just  completed  a major  restoration project in Gneeveguilla  Church

Main Features of the Project

1.  New Heating  System:  A new radiator system has replaced the previous  gas heaters.  The previous system  gave  rise to extreme condensation on the internal wall surfaces  and was negatively impacting on the fabric of the building.

2. External Insulation:  The walls  were of mass concrete  with no insulation . The back wall of the church (western wall) was quite damp/saturated due to the excessive moisture generated by the gas heating system in the church. This  resulted in extensive damage to the joist ends supporting the gallery which are resting on the gable wall of the church.

The new insulation  is working  quite well and has greatly enhances heat retention in the building

3. New Support beam for the gallery:   If  work  had  not been carried out,  the joists would  continue to deteriorate over time; due to the excessive moisture content,  and  would  ultimately  have not been able to support the gallery .

4. Plasterwork:  The  interior side walls were re plastered  and other areas repaired.

5. New roof: The roof  required extensive renovation due to the poor condition of the slates.  In general, displacement and some breakages of slating had occurred and the complete re slating of the roof structures was  required

Work on Shrone Church

 Shrone church was repainted in 2015 and we have recently re-carpeted the  sanctuary.

Work on Knocknagree Church

Knocknagree Church was repainted in 2016

Work on Rathmore Church

Prior to restoration work on  Rathmore Convent, light and heat  for the   Adoration Chapel came from the convent.

As part of the new arrangement the Adoration  chapel  has been integrated into the  Church system  and  will  shortly be repainted.

Repainting of Rathmore  Church is scheduled for 2017


Make a Donation

Any individual or group who wish to make a donation to the fund can do so by contacting

The Parish Office,
by phone 064-7761669 (from outside Ireland  00353647761669) 

Alternatively you can contribute directly to the Parish
Renovation Account in Rathmore Credit Union , through on-line banking

IBAN: IE41RDRN99106391009567 .


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